Like any major capital project, a good plan will help you avoid costly delays and gain approval of the best specifications for your organization.

Don’t worry if you’ve never planned such a large scale project.  WHP provides seasoned project managers to help you plan for success.

Needs assessment
  • Project Stakeholders must first agree on key elements of your project to move forward. The discussion should include:
    • What do we expect this project to do for us?
    • Will special props be required?
    • What kinds of fires will be allowed on site?
    • Will we train year round?
    • What will we burn and how much will it cost?
Early Planning Phase
  • Start with land, money, structure and type of tower.
  • Location, location, location. You must consider things like neighborhood growth, environmental issues, adequate space and soil condition.
  • Habitat, environmental and historical considerations could be enough to stop a project.
  • The type of building you want determines the budget you need to get started.
  • WHP can work with you to determine a realistic budget, and prevent embarrassing and avoidable requests for more funding prior to project completion.