Creating a successful live fire training building boils down to the details. The building’s specs are the backbone of your tower and the foundation of a successful project.

Below is a list of features you should demand in your spec sheet – all standard on WHP training towers:


Building Requirement

  • MINIMUM 18 gauge galvanized wall panels joined together with factory pre-drilled holes
  • 18 gauge guarantees that your building is rugged enough to withstand heavy-duty usage
  • Factory-drilled holes are your best protection against rust. Every uncoated penetration of the siding is a potential rust spot

Weather-Tight Structures

  • All seams lapped and sealed with high-quality sealant
  • Provide for year-round training
  • Keep weather and wildlife outside
  • Ensure dark environment for realistic training
  • Ensure that smoke in the building STAYS in the building – saving you money

Floor Requirements

  • Floor joists 12 inch on center
  • This is TWICE the industry and code requirements
  • Ensures a rugged, durable structure that can take heavy-duty use for years


  • 4″ concrete flooring, 100# per square foot live load
  • Excellent wear and drainage
  • Smooth surface for training exercises, saves wear on turn-out gear
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Heavy Duty Stairs and Railings

  • ALL stair components and railings galvanized
  • Handrails, railings and stringers welded
  • Stair treads 1″ bar grate, bolted to stingers for ease of maintenance
  • Stairs and railings are OSHA compliant
  • Designed to meet standards you would expect to encounter in your community

Doors and Frames

  • Full plate metal industrial grade doors and jambs
  • Full perimeter welded, reinforced plate metal doors
  • Fully reinforced plate metal door frames, doubly reinforced for hinges and hardware
  • Industrial hinges, latches and hardware

Finished Roof Edges

  • Roof edges and soffits of pre-formed metal, 18 gauge, pre-painted
  • Take the stress from repeat laddering
  • Prevent damage to gear and hand injuries from sharp edges
  • Gives the building a quality, finished look