Maintaining fire stations, apparatus and equipment is a given.  Maintaining your training building is no different.  So where to start?  The supplier of your training building provides maintenance manuals to follow and the NFPA provides specific guidelines for burn buildings.  An inspection gives a department a good starting point for creating and monitoring your maintenance plan.  Benefits from inspections include:

  • Provide third party observations.
  • Identify repairs before they become costly.
  • Identify ways to extend the life of the building.
  • Provide consistent transition for new personnel taking over building responsibility.
  • Provide historical information and allows for tracking trends and costs.
  • Provide useful information for developing your SOP’s.

WHP offers two types of inspections:

WHP Building Inspections

  • Visually inspect all hardware, hinges, spring closures and barrel bolts.
  • Visually inspect all doors and windows for proper adjustment and condition.
  • Visually inspect all stairs, railings, hatches, ladders and components such as risers, sprinklers and piping.
  • Perform a visual inspection of all wall panels, roof panels and structural components.
  • Visually inspect all calked joints and ensure no fasteners are missing.  Spot check for proper tightness.
  • Conduct a visual inspection for proper insulating panel placement for optimum protection
  • Perform random inspection of insulating panel fasteners for proper adjustment.
  • Provide photographic and written report detailing the inspection.

NFPA 1403 Inspections for Steel and Masonry Buildings

  • A field visit to the site by a licensed structural engineer or competent professional as designated by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) with burn building design and inspections training
  • A written report detailing the inspection
  • Photographic documentation of the burn building
  • Onsite debriefing with local fire officials

An investment in a burn building and in properly trained emergency personnel is an investment in the community.  That investment is best protected when it is properly maintained.

Call WHP at 800-351-2525 for an inspection proposal for your building.