High Rise – Five Story


The WHP High Rise Five-Story consists of a 4-story fire training tower with a five-story elevator shaft & a five -story enclosed stair tower, a 2-story residential/industrial unit and a 1-story annex.   Features include 12 single windows, 1 double window, 23 single doors, 1 double door and a temperature monitoring system. The TOWER has parapet walls and 8 rappelling anchors on stair tower. The fourth floor is equipped with a live fire burn room.  The RESIDENTIAL/INDUSTRIAL section includes a 4′-0″ attic space, a gabled roof structure with perimeter welded guardrails, 2 chop-outs and a 2nd floor live fire burn room.The ANNEX houses a third live fire burn room.

Photos may include options not included in standard features.


Building Dimensions

20'-9" W x 11’-8” L x 44'-0" H

21'-11" W x 35'-0" L x 24'-0" H

21'-11" W x 14'-6" L x 10’-0" H

Elevator Shaft:
4’-10" W x 11’-8” L x 54’-0" H

Stair Tower:
15’-1” W x 11’-8” L x 54’-0" H

Land Requirements

Recommend 1 to 1.5 acres
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Technical Specifications (MS Word)

View Elevation/Floor Plan (PDF)


Standard Features

12 Single 3' x 4' Windows 1 Double 6' x 4' Window

23 Single Doors 1 Double Door

Burn Rooms:

Floor to Floor Height:

5 Story Exterior Stairs 5 Story Interior Stairs w/Intermediate Landings 2 Vertical Ladders 1 Bilco Hatch 2 Story Interior Stair 2 Story Exterior Stair

Rappel Anchors:

Roof Surfaces:
Concrete (Provided by others) Residential: Un-equal pitch Gable