Burn Rooms

    THE Industry leader in burn room liners for over 36 years

    A live fire training facility is only as effective as its burn room.  And a burn room is only as effective as the insulating material selected to protect the structure – burn after burn, year after year.

    For ultimate safety, durability and realism, WHP constructs burn rooms with 1″ thick, 2′ x 4′ Padgenite™ insulating panels. First introduced to the fire service by our founder Bernard Padgett, Padgenite™ has a proven 36 year track record.

    The panels are part of a system that arrives on-site with a full set of pre-engineered drawings. The system, with its built-in air space, insulates so effectively that ul-listedyou can touch the outside metal of a WHP building while burning with no discomfort.

    In response to the wide range of training requirements within our customer base, WHP offers two products: Padgenite™ and Super Padgenite™ HD. We work with you to select the best product or combination of products to ensure optimal coverage at the best price.

    WHP recommends a MAXIMUM training temperature of 800º at 5 feet.