Leadership, Value, Service

When planning, funding and building a Live Fire Training Tower, there’s much more to consider than just a dollar amount on a sheet of paper. WHP offers three key differentiators: Veteran Leadership, Value, and Service.

Veteran LeadershipWHP Training Towers

WHP has a rich history in leadership within the Fire Service. WHP takes great pride in our fraternal bond with all of our customers. Whether your organization represents a volunteer district, large urban department, college, military or port authority, our fire fighting professionals understand your specific emergency responder requirements and your live training needs– firsthand.

We led the industry by introducing high quality metal training buildings and thermal liners. We were the first to offer a 20 year paint warranty, hot-dipped galvanized metal components throughout, and concrete flooring. We were the first to utilize our own installation crews so our customers had ONE number to call…ours. And we continue to raise the bar!

Our track record speaks for itself. Over 700 installations and growing.

WHP Training TowersValue

Not all training towers and burn rooms are created equal. WHP understands your budgetary constraints and fiscal responsibilities. We also understand the need for quality – a building that will be in full service years down the road. Like your selection of fire apparatus, value is key. We offer the highest quality, most durable metal building in the industry.
We start with the strongest metal building system on the market, then we make it even stronger with an additional framing system.

  • The support strength of a Behlen steel panel can equal that of a steel girder of the same length and weight.
  • Minimum 18 gauge galvanized steel wall panels – NOT your standard off-the-shelf metal building.
  • Panels are joined together at 6″ intervals with 3/8″ diameter bolts with polyethylene wasters – not screws – each capable of supporting 1400 pound shear strength.
  • Corrugated panels form a weather-tight, load-bearing shell.
  • 12″ on center floor joists – not 24″
  • Structure can meet all U.S. seismic requirements as well as Southern Florida Building Codes, the most stringent wind load requirements in the country.

When you purchase from WHP, you deal with a reliable, single source supplier. From Consultation to Sales, to Design and Build, to Customer Service – WHP does it all. No middle-man. No dealers. No contractors. No third parties.