When it comes to INNOVATION, WHP leads the industry

    In fact, we BEGAN the industry, when we introduced the metal training tower to the fire service. With the goal of creating the strongest building possible, WHP developed an exclusive two part framing system that provides the most rugged training building on the market. Nothing on the building is lighter than 18 gauge steel.

    In order to protect your investment and provide long term wear, we were the FIRST to provide fully galvanized stairs and railings.

     Brick Exterior

    In response to customer requests for training buildings that have the “look and feel” of the local community, WHP was the FIRST to incorporate a mortarless brick exterior. Not only is this a cost-effective alternative to classic brick and mortar, it is designed to handle the heat/cool, wet/dry cycles that are part of training evolutions.

    Burn Room Liner

    Having already been tWHP Training Towershe FIRST to introduce thermal insulating panels to the service WHP added Super Padgenite™ HD, a high temperature, high strength refractory liner panel and the only burn room liner, specifically made for fire training, that is UL Listed. This was done in response to customers who wanted the benefits of a heavy-duty product without the added weight and high cost of refractory concrete tiles.

    WHP Training TowerMODx

    WHP introduces the MODx, the FIRST alternative to containerized training units. The structurally engineered unit relies on the fully galvanized structural steel frame that allows for open floor plans without interior columns or beams not available through traditional offerings. MODx offers departments a grant eligible solution that can be easily expanded in the future. The MODx is the first of its kind to provide a complete, modular training system with a life expectancy that outlasts any other comparable product on the market today. It offers departments an affordable training solution through reduced site costs, while still providing the quality they have grown to expect from WHP Trainingtowers™.

    Whether it’s something as big as exterior finishes, or as small as door handles, our aim has always been to provide the best of the best for our customers. If there was a better building out there, we’d be selling it!