About WHP Trainingtowers

    Working to Positively Impact Fire Training

    In 1980, Bernard Padgett founded our organization. As the owner of Werner-Herbison-Padgett, a large Chicago area general construction company, he was well acquainted with the best materials, suppliers and processes needed to produce the strongest, most rugged training building on the market.  Mr. Padgett had a reputation for quality, integrity and customer service that went above and beyond.

    1998 saw a new era for the company when it was purchased by Bill Jahnke, a retired fire chief, and moved to Overland Park, KS. At that point, several other long-term fire service professionals joined the team and we re-examined our role and purpose.

    The company, with a vested interest in the fire service, adopted the motto :WHP Training Towers


    To this end we have continued to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY, MOST RUGGED METAL TRAINING BUILDING AVAILABLE. And we have provided more of these than any other company in the world! We are constantly searching the market for innovations, improvements, new and better ways of doing things that will add value to the training experience.

    We want to make a difference. That’s where our heart is. That’s what our goal is. To us, it’s a matter of integrity…ours.